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Dorey Design Group is a web development agency located in Portland, Oregon.

DDG builds custom websites using Drupal, WordPress and other open-source content management systems. As experts in web development, UX/UI design and digital marketing, we make the challenge of building your online solutions simple and effective.

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We create visually impactful, functional, and thoughtful websites that bolster your brand and engage your users. As your trusted responsive web design (RWD) and user experience (UX) gurus, we'll build your website to look and feel extraordinary on all devices and browsers.


Whether it’s Drupal, WordPress, or custom web application development, we are your open-source content management experts with 16 years of experience creating effective and brilliant websites for a wide range of businesses. As proud providers of industry-leading web development, SEO, and eCommerce strategy, our team knows how to develop your website to perform properly, quickly, and securely.


Our work is our passion. We give any needed support before, during, and after launch because your success matters to us. Contact Dorey Design Group and we will help you choose and implement the right technology solution to meet your business needs and goals.

Our Work

The good, the great, and the spectacular

  • Aveda

    DDG assisted Aveda Institute with a beautiful responsive design website that allowed for the excellent work done by their wonderful staff to be showcased in a unique manner. Media on the...

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  • Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition

    We were thrilled to end the year by completing a new Drupal site for the Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition, a comprehensive regional conservation organization for the Oregon Coast. The...

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  • Evergreen Consulting Group

    Evergreen Consulting Group hired DDG to build them a new, modern site that would help bolster their online presence, and their image to prospective new clients. DDG built the new site using...

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  • Renaissance Homes

    Renaissance Homes hired DDG to build a responsive, mobile-friendly Drupal site which aligned with their new vision for the brand. We improved user experience by focusing on usability,...

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  • Rhodes Architecture + Light

    Seattle Architect Tim Rhodes and his team at Rhodes Architecture + Light asked Dorey Design to create a light and clean website that would better present their award-winning homes and help...

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  • CAI

    Dorey Design partnered with Michael Patrick Partners to build this dynamic Drupal website. The design included full page videos and an elaborate and complex contact form. The site is fully...

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  • Affiliated Media

    Affiliated Media hired Dorey Design to build a new responsive site for their media and advertising agency. They wanted a site with lots of images that formatted nicely no matter what screen...

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  • SBI Construction

    Our client, SBI Construction, wanted an update to their website to showcase full-screen images of their amazing homebuilding work and to implement a responsive design.  We used...

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  • Whammerdyne

    Whammerdyne Heavy Industries is a manufacturer of high-end audio amplifiers in Portland, Oregon. On the cusp of releasing their new amp, the Whammerdyne Truth, they were in need of a...

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  • Washington Tribes

    Total Creative, Inc. (TCi) and Cocker Fennessy hired us to develop a new Drupal website for Washington Tribes, a public education program which raises awareness about how...

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The Crew!

Get to know the people behind the scenes

  • Paul Fasel, web site designer from Portland, OR

    Paul Fasel


    Paul is the founder and principal of Dorey Design Group. Raised in an entrepreneurial family, he has over 20 years of experience in setting up and running businesses - hence Dorey Design Group’s mission to make technology work smarter to enhance business processes.

  • Jason Diersman web developer, Portland Oregon

    Jason Diersman

    Senior Developer

    Jason Diersman is a very talented programmer and designer. He is able to straddle the line between developer and designer by having an eye for aesthetics without compromising functionality and usability.

  • April Chapman, Senior Project Manager, Portland OR

    April Chapman

    Senior Project Manager

    With over fifteen years of management experience, April’s drive and dedication has led to the success of hundreds of projects in a variety of fields including computer animation, event production, and engineering. April’s ability to establish authentic relationships with such a diverse group of clients and developers speaks to her expertise not only as a project manager, but as an individual who values the time and insight of others.

  • Tula

    Office Dog

    Tula likes little doggie treats, long walks and digging through the garbage. She is an expert in designing strategies to scare other dogs away from our street.

  • Thomas Raybell

    Marketing Director

    Thomas Raybell is the new Marketing Director at Dorey Design Group. Thomas spent the summer of 2016 in Beijing fulfilling his time with beef noodle soup and a fashion marketing gig in the heart of the city. He graduated from Arizona State University just before with a bachelor’s degree in Global Leadership. Thomas is a multidisciplinary creative, living the dream of the 90's in Portland, Ore.


The latest and greatest from the web

Navigating Marketing Automation

By Thomas Raybell
, Marketing Director

The days of “Easy Marketing” are over. We can’t simply expect to buy a few ad spots and get results. Customers and clients today expect more from us. And to get in front of them, and to get them to notice us takes a lot of work. People have high expectations and they should. We need print ads, a website, social media presence, and an email list. The list goes on.


DDG Recognized as a Top Web Design Company in Portland

By Thomas Raybell
, Marketing Director

At DDG, we have 16 years of expertise creating Drupal, WordPress and custom websites for a wide range of clients. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been recognized by the industry for doing just that. We’ve been named among the top 12 web design companies in Portland by Clutch!


What About Drupal 8

By Thomas Raybell
, Marketing Director

Drupal 8.Where does the name come from?Drupal gets its name from the Dutch language, but it was founded in Belgium.The origins of Drupal are from a man named Dries Buytaert, who created it as a message board for him and his friends.Dries was planning on naming it (which means village in Dutch), but when he bought the domain name he mistyped the word, and it ended up being “Drop”.As the message board grew, people shared ideas, and discussed about other web technologies. It became such a great experience that in January 2001, he launched the software behind “Drop” and named it Drupal.Drupal, is a term that embodies the word “Druppel” in Dutch this word means drop as in a water droplet.So, what is it?


Millennials and Advertising

By Thomas Raybell
, Marketing Director

As technology grows, advertising has to adapt.We have to adapt.Remember the days, you’d get off work and just sitting down, and watch whatever was on TV at the time?Probably not, we just don’t live that way anymore. No one just watches whatever happens to be on TV at the time. We have subscriptions to everything.Plus, without commercials.