Upgrading Your Page Views

Thomas Raybell
, Marketing Director

We have all heard, “content is king” but what happens when you gift the timeline with a fire blog post and get less than enough engagement or traffic. It can be frustrating, just as it may be for a starving artist who doesn’t get appreciated for their time and effort. The fact is writing a fire post isn’t enough, we need to be promoting our content as vigorously as we are writing it. Here, are a couple tools to promote your fire, so it stays hot.


This is a great website, which also, has a Google Chrome plugin that allows us to post an article across our social medias with a call-to-action button to our own related article. The key of utilizing this website is in finding related articles that have popular engagement and connecting that back around to our own article. There is another website called Buzzsumo where we can look up titles of articles and see how many shares it has across all the social media platforms. This can be a powerful tool in finding the best related articles we post while growing our own social networks. We can customize our Sniply with a link, button, or even an image which creates a link to post.

#2 Buzzbundle

When it comes to promoting this is a great tool for getting your content in the right conversations while monitoring certain key words. This program is something you have to download, but there is a free version which lets you monitor 50% of everything your trying to get. Using this program, we can view conversations and any buzz which is happening from the websites and social media channels we want to monitor. After you have identified these, you can engage your content wherever you see it best useful or popular. Using this tool, you can also view what people have expressed interest in and what they are most likely to see.

#3 Scoop.It

This is one of the best ways of the web to promote our content and build quality backlinks. What we do is create a free account enter our keys words which we know so well now. Scoop will curate content similar to what you have written then “suggest” your article by entering its URL and if they like what you have done they will post it.

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