SEO and Conversion Rates are like a Party

Thomas Raybell
, Marketing Director

People drinking beer

The role of SEO is to increase the amount of authentic traffic to the clients’ brand. However, it’s still not cool to have tons of people at your party if they have no intention of becoming your friend. Similarly, it’s not an effective strategy to get just anyone click on your website, if they have no interest in you or your brand. This is why conversion optimization is vital in creating an effective strategy to develop a friends list of people who actually like you or might even care about you. The Conversation rate is the measurement of the amount of potential visitors performing the desired action. Leveraging SEO and conversion optimization offers a balanced approach to your marketing strategy. So your party is filled with loved ones while your business grows.

#1: The first rule in creating your friends list is to limit your scope. Google loves a website that provides immediate answers. When someone types for a searches, Google is going to fill their page with the most efficient answers. A landing page that speaks to everyone, speaks to no one in particular. Organizing your pages will directly affect who comes to your party and who stays. So it’s a good idea to have a well-defined architecture in place while ensuring the content of your landing page is highly focused.

#2: The second rule is filling your party with good content because we’ve heard content is king, however, content rules by seamlessly blending conversion opportunities. This is why lifestyle influencers on Instagram are so popular. “Are you telling me as your friend that I need buy this product or did they paid you to say that?”. Who knows, all I know is that I just bought $300 sweatpants in high hopes for happiness.

#3: Nothing gives someone a reason to leave like a wall of text or poor visuals. Keeping your audience engaged with visual elements while breaking up texts can be the deal breaker for a new conversion. Apart from this, images can improve your SEO value by filling out file name, alt text, and appropriate captions.

#4: There are three stages for a successful SEO and conversion optimization: awareness, evaluation, and action. Our website needs to be answering the right questions for our friends to move from being aware of our party to evaluation if they want to come. They want to know what makes you different and better than the rest, creating this information well-presented will be the tipping point to ensuring your friends enjoy your party and stay around. 

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