Groundbreaking Ads

Thomas Raybell
, Marketing Director

1. In February 2010, Wieden+Kennedy launched a new old space campaign, “The Man Your Man Can Smell Like”. This became an instant success overnight as well a cultural phenomenon. This new campaign came about because men weren’t buying or even using body wash. Majority of men were just using their wife’s or girlfriends body wash. The strategy came from speaking directly to women, without alienating men in the message. The Old Spice Guy quickly became achieved iconic pop culture status which made a truly mold-breaking concept as he would respond to his fans. W+K were writing ads in real time.


2. “Get a Mac” campaign was launched in 2006 by TBWA. Commonly known as, “Mac vs. PC” featuring comedic John Hodgman, as a Bill Gates-lookalike-nerdy-workaholic PC, and Justin Long as a Steve Jobs stand-in personifying hip Mac user. These ads were playful and funny, but still competitive. Mac was seen as a kindhearted persona always telling the PC not to looked down on himself, but still letting everyone know that Macs were better. This ad grew in popularity as Apple found an outlet to present ads that were competitive while it was comparative advertising in a way that was entertaining.

3. The most interesting man in the world changed how people sold beer. Rather than some cool, hip, 20 something drinking a beer, Dos Equis made a star from Jonathan Goldsmith an older, gray-haired journeyman actor. Jonathan Goldsmith was not a threat to his audience, he was an illusion of things past, he was, what guys wanted to be in their dreams. The research for the ad was based from the data that men were scared they were boring when they would go to the bar. The tagline was, “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis…Stay thirsty, my friends”. After the ad aired in 2007, Dos Equis became one of the fastest growing beers.

4. Chipotle: Back to the Start started as an introductory video for a new-fangled loyalty program, but quickly became much more than that. The animated video had a cover featuring Will Nelson’s playing Coldplay’s “The Scientist” as it took viewers through one farmers change of heart from running an industrialized farm to a more humane and sustainable farm. The video was never meant to be an ad, however after the amount of response received from the project it became a series as well a cornerstone for the company.

5. The Tap project was a brilliant idea which came from a lunch break when one ad man realized that tap water wasn’t branded. One wouldn’t need money or distribution, just tap water. Each dollar that was raised provided a child with drinking water for 40 days. So a $1 donation was tacked on the bill at restaurants across New York City and it raised $2.5 million dollars.

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