Basics of Search Engine Optimization for Small Business

John Mulvey
, Client Advocate

Last night, DDG’s Paul Fasel spoke to a group of small business owners here on Alberta Street. These business owners came to learn more about how a small operation can use the same strategies that large companies use to generate more traffic to their sites.

The response was so positive that we’re reprinting Paul’s notes here.

*  *  *


Why SEO? What should a small business owner know about search ranking? What does a small business want from a website? Any site that’s intended to bring in business needs to think about search terms and Google placement, not just for themselves but also for their likeliest competitors.

Google is >90% of all searches worldwide, so getting on their first page for the right keywords is essential.

  • Elements of Good SEO
    • Technical
    • Site pages should be constructed with good code that can be crawled easily by Google.
    • Titles, Headers, metatags, URLs all use relevant keywords
    • Site loads quickly
    • length of time the domain’s been up
    • Google likes Wordpress!
  • Content
    • Must use the words people are searching for ‐‐this probably will take some research
    • “fresh” content about topics Google thinks are hot
    • changed/updated frequently
    • Do visitors bounce quickly?
    • Google penalizes for keyword stuffing, paid link exchanges, other tricks
  • Backlinks
    • Links in and out from credible sources (edu, gov, major newspapers)
    • Google weeds out “link farms”
  • Social Media
    • kind of a mystery, but no question that Google gives extra credit when links are exchanged via Facebook and
    • Twitter
    • factors include the number of “shares” and the reputation of the sharers

We appreciate the opportunity to talk informally with our neighboring business owners, and hopefully they found some useful information in this presentation. Thanks to Alberta Main Street for setting this up!


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